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It's Who We Are

The scientific order of insects pertaining to dragonflies and damselflies.
Seen as a sign of wisdom, change and adaptability in most cultures around the world.

Here at Odonata Signs, we're not just sign workers. This industry is who we
are, it's in our bones and runs through our blood. Founded on the principle that
there is a better way to achieve great signage at an affordable cost and exceptional
quality, we are constantly learning new ways to better our trade and help our customers.

As multi-generational sign workers, we not only know what was, but what is
and what is possibly to come in the industry. We keep up with the newest technology
and always strive to be a part of the innovative future of our field. We only employ the
the best of talents and skill. We take pride in what we do, and we intend to keep it that
way. This industry is our love, our lives, and as our fathers before us, it's not just what we do...
It's who we are!

Service & Install

We are dedicated to giving our customers the best possible service in the most timely manner. Our experience and quality of service is worth taking pride in alone. We offer a variety of signage options and textiles for all your needs. With no shop minimum, you get what you pay for and pay for nothing more.

Fabrication & Production

We believe in only producing the highest in quality signage. We don't cut corners and we don't use cheap parts. It's only the best for our customers. Our prices don't reflect the quality of our products, but you can rest assured that you are getting the best in quality. We keep our overhead low so that our pricing remains relevant.

Graphic Design

We believe that art is very important in this industry, it is where it all started. And we want to bring the art back to the industry. That's why it is important to us to only utilize real talent when it comes to design. Most projects and pricing include design. If graphic design is all you need, we can help there too. Starting rate is $40 per hour.

Keeping It Green

We like doing our part for the environment. If it can be recycled, we recycle it. We also specialize in LED technology, using only the best and most efficient products on the market. And all of our printing is done with Eco-Friendly inks. Anything we can do to keep our sky blue and our grass green, we're ready to give it a try.

Time Oriented

We believe that time is manageable in our field. This is something that many sign companies seem to lack. You only get charged for what it should take to do a job, not for all the mishaps that can occur. Most of our installation prices are based on a square foot rate and not on a guesstimated time. And when you schedule with Odonata Signs, we won't just give you a day that we might be there, you will get an approximate time and a call when we are on our way.

Technology Driven

We keep on top of the latest in technology in the sign industry. By keeping up with technology, we not only provide our customers with the best products, we can also keep on top of the newest ways of keeping with our green initiative.

We currently service all signs and lights up to 35 feet in height and most all interior signage. Service charges start at $50 per hour. Minimum 1/2 hour. If within 15 miles, time starts when on site and ends when leaving site. All others will be charged an additional trip charge of $0.70 per mile after the 30 mile round trip. Some jobs can be bid before servicing. Give us a call for a free service assessment for your lighting and signage.

Truck & Ladder service rates with one technician is $40 per hour, up to 12 feet. This includes exterior and most interior signage and lighting.

For projects higher than 35 foot, special accommodations can be made.

Odonata Signs is a LED specialty company. We recommend LED retrofit systems over traditional lighting. LEDs can often be added to any sign or lighting fixture at roughly the same price as traditional sign and commercial lighting products. LEDs have a longer life span and cost up to 70% less than traditional lighting. Odonata Signs deals in Keystone Lighting Solutions, the best in the industry, but we have many other options to fit your needs. When a sign company offers traditional lighting over LED, they are typically only doing it for reasons of profit and revenue security. Here at Odonata Signs, we want to give our customers the best and only the best, that is why we always recommend LEDs when they are a viable option. And all of our Keystone LEDs come with a 5 year parts & 3 labor warranty.
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